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Download Name Play Size Duration
download Revelation 1 THE GAZE BEFORE THE LAST DAYS 15May16
Pastor Doug Keen

19.7 MB 57:16 min
download Revelation 2:1-7 Return to your First love 22May16
Pastor Doug Keen

28.1 MB 49:04 min
download Revelation 2:12-17 The Compromising Church 12Jun2016
Pastor Doug Keen

29.5 MB 51:30 min
download Revelation 2:18-29 The Corrupt Church 26June16
Pastor Doug Keen

30.7 MB 53:42 min
download Revelation 2vv8-11 THE PERSECUTED CHURCH 29May2016
Pastor Doug Keen

16 MB 46:34 min
download Revelation3:1-6 The Dead 24July2016
Pastor Doug Keen

29 MB 50:41 min
download Revelation 3: 4-22The Lukewarm Church 7August2016
Pastor Doug Keen

30.9 MB 54:04 min
download Revelation 3:7-13 The Evangelical Church 31July2016
Pastor Doug Keen

30.6 MB 53:27 min
download Revelation4TheThroneRoomOfGod21August2016
Pastor Doug Keen

32.3 MB 56:24 min
download Revelation5 The Lion and the Lamb 28August16
Pastor Doug Keen

28.9 MB 50:33 min

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